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we are dedicated to understanding and meeting our clients’ precise requirements and fulfilling these with a cost effective inter fusion of service, efficiency and reliability

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Physical Security Guard

We have been providing physical security guards to various clients for over 15 years. When it comes to security we mean business! Our security guards are well trained to handle any post, further one of our strengths is believing in inducting our guards on the security needs for each of our clients. We have the abiltity to tailor make our services to meet each client.

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Dog Patrolling

We can provide general purpose patrol dog and handler teams, which boast numerous security benefits. The sight of local job listings a patrol dog and handler is a proven deterrent and protective measure, as well as offering ability to detect trespassers.

Our dog patrol teams are trained to search people, vehicles and buildings to safeguard clients domestic or business premises, festival or event offering high quality.

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Escort Services

We can also provide a lone worker escort service for VIPS outside normal office hours. We protect vulnerable or anyone who may feel under threat of and thus need to have a well-qualified security personnel by his side

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Guard On Call

With this services, we have identified that often clients needs temporal service usually lasting up 48 hours. We have the abiltity to provide a well-trained guard to this ad hock services. Our guard on call services give the client a peace of mind when it comes to short term security needs.

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Neighborhood Patrol Services

Petty crime in and around neighbourhoods is on the rise, homes are particularly vulnerable to theft or damage by intruders. Manned guarding may provide a solution to this problem, and we at Command Security Services pride ourselves by providing a safe neighbourhood through our unsuppressed security services.

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Crowd Control For Various Events

Crowd control management for parties and events is a crucial and highly specialized service. The organizers may which to have only invited guests to be at any particular event or even to segregate guests within the same event. Our security guards are well trained to handle any event despite its magnitude.